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Pandemic Super Market Photo Experience

The COVID-19 is a terrible pandemic that is debatable how it started and how it got into the United States. It seems to be killing lots of people in the elderly and minority communities. The local, regional and national news reminds us everyday with death counts. There is one part of the pandemic that effects all races and social economic backgrounds daily. This is the Super Market. Prior to the pandemic we took taking a trip to the supermarket for granted. You would walk in get the things you need and just be upset because the high school kid at the register was taking forever. Now days it is a whole different ball game. The first part of this new experience starts when you pull into the parking lot and see the line of people wearing mask waiting just to enter one at a time. It makes you want to just leave and go home. However, You know you need to get food for the family so you put on your mask and go stand in line like a good citizen while the worker counts you as you g
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Historic Neighborhoods of Philadelphia

The one thing about being a street photographer is I get to walk around every neighborhood inside Philadelphia. The city is changing so fast. In the 90’s the city stayed pretty dormant for years. Now when I walk through the city, I see new developments being built every day.   I am happy that the city is growing and expanding for economic purposes. However, on the other end I am sad to see all the historic old homes being knocked down in place of new modern square homes that look flimsy and odd in most of these neighborhoods. With my photography, I never really focused on shooting doorsteps and stoops. It wasn’t my thing. However, now I want to promote and preserve the beauty of Philadelphia through the photos that I take. I started a weekly series of photographing Philadelphia’s most beautiful older residential neighborhoods. These photos that I took for the first series are from the Spring Garden section of the city. It was a beautiful clear day so the colors of the h

Beautiful Homes of North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia gets a bad rap for being a dangerous neighborhood. However, we over look the beautiful homes in that area.